David Bowie is Dead? official Music Video!

“David Bowie is Dead?” Re-Mix Winners Announced! Re-Mix E.P. and Music Video Release coming soon!

Congrats to all who entered our re-mix contest, we are excited to announce the winners and here they are!

Grand Prize: Peter Tanico, Second Prize: Chris Wheeler, Third Prize: Adam Bull.

Honorable Mention prizes go to the following entrants: Damian Espinoza, Jason Corbett (ACTORS), Jordan Fritz, Lucas Vaccaro, Charlie Hughes, Helen Lloyd, Aaron Landers, Austin Duris, Edgar Becerra & Marc Hupkens.

Peter, Chris, Adam, Damian, and Jason will have their re-mixes included on our “David Bowie is Dead?” Re-Mix E.P. which is due out on Nov. 27th with Pre Sales starting on Nov. 13th on iTunes!  These re-mixes are also be posted at our record label’s YouTube channel for preview and the band’s new video for the single will launch on November 27th!

A huge thank you to IK Multimedia, Tom Lee Music, & Porterhouse Records who all made this Re-Mix event possible with their generous prize packages, awesome promotions, and huge hugs and high-fives!

Team Sweetheart

Fall & Winter

Hey Guys,

We have a bunch of stuff coming up this fall and winter!  We’re playing in Vancouver on Oct 20th, Marty’s got an online show on the 25th, and in the next month we’ll be announcing the winners of our remix contest and launching our music video for David Bowie is Dead?

We will also be heading into the recording studio to start on our new EP!  The new songs will be a huge acheivement for us because it will once again be a slightly different direction but still with the same Sweetheart sound!

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Team Sweetheart

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Sweetheart goes on tour of Alberta!

Hey guys,

We’re hitting the road and heading out to Alberta!  our 2nd favourite province (right now) in the entire world!  make sure you go check out our tour section and we hope to meet you in person!

Team Sweetheart

Remix Contest


I hope you’ve seen our awesome remix contest that is happening RIGHT NOW until September 30th!  Rules, Regulations, & instructions are to be found at our awesome label (porterhouse records) website!  Click here to get started!



New Website!

Hello everyone!

We have a NEW website!  This is where we will keep YOU up to date with all our news, shows, photos, and recipes for Jarred’s favourite spaghetti sauce.


Team Sweetheart

David Bowie is Dead: Re-Mix Contest, Sweetheart: LIVE! & XOXOX re-release!

The Sweetheart Factory is really busy with much news.  Marty’s Willy Wonka.  And Mk is Charlie.  To the news! 

Part 1 – Hey guys!  We are super excited to announce our Remix Contest!  The prizes are HUGE! and we can’t wait to tell you about it, but first you should go HERE and check out the song “David Bowie is Dead” to get your creative juices flowing.  Stay tuned and we will be announcing the details, rules, regulations, and how to get your grubbie little hands on the tracks that you will be mixing into your own personal version of Sweetheart! 

Part 2 – to celebrate our forthcoming EP re-release with PORTERHOUSE RECORDS, Smoke Porterhouse (the proprietor/A&R dept chair/accountant/crazy genius of the label) has requested we play a show/party hard.  We agreed.  Details? GO HERE to see the facebook event with the whens/wheres

Part 3Pre-Release for our Re-Release is on-going RIGHT NOW on iTunes.  Click the link and get your copy.  Why?  Cause it will help us put out a new EP (hopefully) before the end of the year (2012).  Why else?  Cause it includes stuff that wasn’t included when we put it out to fans last year independantly.  Why else?  Cause you’re good lookin’! 

Stay tuned for more interesting and informative NEWS!

Team Sweetheart